Kathy Boyd Fellure

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ISBN 978-0-557-48752-3

An enchanting story about two sisters who are

the same age one week every year,

celebrating their birthdays in a most unusal way.

Nana has planned a tea party and Katie is certain

a terrible calamity is about to befall her and

Susannah, her unsuspecting sibling.

Will Nana or Papa be able to help Katie as

she tries to discover the Cavendish brothers caper

before they ruin the sisters birthdays?

Nana seems to know but she isn't telling, Why?

Join the two oldest Bake sisters on their first

summer adventure at their grandparents Lake Tahoe,

California cabin.

Beautifully illustrated by Kathleen Flanagan Kresa,

capturing the breathtaking majesty of Tahoe and the

innocence of childhood.

Tahoe Cover Edition


ISBN: 978-055-779684-7

ISBN: 987-145-836954-3

ISBN: 978-175-798896-9